COMING SOON - 2010 CIO Impacts Forum, February 24, 2010.

Date Feb 25, 2009

Services For the Global Enterprise - Opportunities in Security, Mobility, Wireless and Cloud Computing

The I.T. industry has been steadily moving towards a Services based model whereby services such as video conferencing via a laptop, or directory services through a mobile phone, or filling time sheets/accounting through WiFi-enabled PDA, can be performed through the Internet cloud via a browser, instead of having to distribute and install software on each client. While the burden of software installation, update or maintenance is removed from the hands of the enterprise user, the burden of creating, managing and securing the infrastructure, devices, user accounts, and, networks, falls in the hands of the CIO. This presents the CIO's office with new and unique possibilities as well as relevant challenges for handling and creating Services for the Enterprise.

CIOs from Fortune 1000 companies will gather at the CIO Impacts Forum to be held at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA, on Feb 25, 2009. This event which is now in its 6th year will provide the opportunity to network with top executives and peers and attend presentations that discuss the progress made in Services for the Enterprise and investigate the opportunities for new classes of Services that are emerging as a result of technological advances in Cloud Computing, Security, Mobility and Wireless.

Services that are offered to the user must reside on a server somewhere, which eventually are virtualized with the help of Cloud Computing. Cloud computing offers a new and unique model of the computing function whereby computing cycles reside on the Internet and can be acquired on an as needed basis. This allows the CIO's office to transition its cost structure from a capital expense to an operating expense model. Outsourcing of a significant portion of the server infrastructure, networking, and in the future, even of client devices is the direction in which Cloud Computing is headed. The forum will bring together experts in the field to discuss the latest advances in Cloud Computing and how these advances are resulting in the development of a new class of services.

Reliable Security continues to be a major challenge for the CIO, who has to offer Services to the Enterprise employee. In fact, handling security has become increasingly more complex as more employees are using mobile computing devices such as the Motorola Q, HP iPaq, Google G1, iPhone or the Blackberry thereby leading to today's CIO having to deal with a plethora of operating systems, device hardware, networks and network policies of carriers. Bringing them all together into a single security infrastructure is a difficult and challenging task. By many predictions, networks and devices were expected to converge, simplifying security solutions; however, the reality is otherwise. Securing such heterogeneous infrastructure poses significant challenges for the CIO in providing Services for the Enterprise - this is another issue that will be presented by CIOs at the forum.

The availability and use of wireless/mobile devices has resulted in the globalization of the work force thereby bringing the burden of Servicing increasingly mobile enterprise employees to the CIOs office which now has to support laptops, PDAs, UMPCs and mobile phones in multiple languages in many countries located in different time zones. The CIO who may be required to offer services such as integrated databases or video teleconferencing on a PDA over wireless, now has to support the full matrix of devices/OS's/networks and yet offer the services in a manner that provides the same seamless experience to all users. Sometimes when these services are outsourced, their quality suffers. How CIOs are handling these challenges in the era of Services will also be discussed at the CIO Impacts Forum.

The 6th UCLA CIO Impacts Forum titled "Services for the Global Enterprise - Opportunities in Cloud Computing, Security, Mobility and Wireless" will address the above issues. Specifically, what these developments mean to the CIO today, and how the CIO of a Fortune 1000 Enterprise can plan for such developments in the future will be discussed.

Current Speakers

Erna Adelson SVP Sony Electronics
Nikki Barua Director Sapient
David Bernstein Vice President/GM Cisco Systems, Inc.
Jim Davis CIO UCLA
Allen Fazio VP & CIO The Disneyland Resort
Emmanuel Frenehard VP and CIO Walt Disney International
Rajit Gadh Professor & Director UCLA - WINMEC
Keith Glennan VP and CTO Northrop Grumman
Alex Grimwade VP 20th Century Fox Television
Vivek Khuller President and CEO DiVitas Networks
Allen Marks Senior IT Architect Raytheon
Doug McGowan CTO Systemsfusion
Art Mena Associate Technical Fellow Boeing Information Technology
Andy Mulholland Global Chief Technology Officer Capgemini
Chuck Parker President Digital Content Delivery Technicolor
Dennis Quan Director of Autonomic Computing IBM
Jim Swartz CIO Sybase, Inc.
JL Valente Executive Chairman CITTIO
Alan Wexler Senior Vice President - Managing Director North America Sapient
Tom Witmer VP Kaiser Permanente

Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Providing services for the global enterprise - challenges and opportunities
  • Services oriented architectures
  • Software environments to support Services - Java, .Net, etc.
  • New enterprise service opportunities due to technological advances
  • Cloud computing - advances, architectures and how they support web services
  • Wireless, Mobility and communications technologies - VOIP, Data Convergence; Convergence of Wireless, WiMax, Wi-Fi, Flavors of 802.11.4G and 5G networks
  • How the CIO's role vis-a-vis the CTO's role is constantly being redefined as technology for internal use and technology that goes into the company's products/services start to merge
  • Device specialization for enterprise needs
  • Mandates, compliance and regulatory issues from federal and state governments, e.g. Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, Real ID Act, Privacy regulations
  • Security technologies, policies, architecture
  • Virtualization in server-side computing and distributed computing, Green technologies and developments
  • Alignment of business goals with the IT function
  • Changing role of CIO from cost center to key techno-business driver for the enterprise, CIO's job function and relationship to the company's market being served
  • Enterprise 2.0 and the Mobile user
  • Mobility in Assets and Personnel - RFID, Sensor and Tracking Technologies, Supply Chain and inventory tracking, middleware for economical deployment
  • The effect of regulations on wireless transmission of data and how enterprises are coping with the plethora of new technologies
  • Open Source - The effect of Open alliances such as Google's open handset alliance (OHA) on enterprise I.T.
  • Maturing of the information security organization in terms of the strategies for information security, identity management/identity theft, and security architecture

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Speakers at previous forums

William Crowell CIO County of San Diego
J. Stephen Fletcher CIO State of Utah
Arthur Hair Chief Technology Officer Walt Disney Studios
Randi Levin General Manager/Chief Technology Officer City of LA
Allen Marks IT Fellow Raytheon
Jeffrey Mirich SVP and CIO Walt Disney Studios
Dominic Nessi CIO Los Angeles World Airports
Joe Solimando CIO Disney Consumer Products
Bob Bauer CTO Xerox Global Services
Abe Kani CIO City of Atlanta
Bill Schrier CTO City of Seattle
Carl Eberling Vice President, CIO West Area IT Verizon Wireless
Celia Lin CIO - Corporate Departments Chevron
Chris Vein CIO City of San Francisco
Cita Furlani CIO N.I.S.T.
Cora Carmody Sr. VP, CIO SAIC
David Muntz SVP & CIO Baylor Health Care System
Doug Parish Sr VP and CTO Walt Disney Group
Ebrahim Keshavarz Vice President, New Services Development AT&T
Gary Ahwah CIO PacifiCare, A UnitedHealthcare Company
George Chappelle CIO Sara Lee Corporation
Hardik Bhatt CIO City of Chicago
Jeffrey Mirich SVP and CIO Walt Disney Studios
Jerome Beaudoin VP & CIO Devon Energy
Joe Cleveland CIO Lockheed Martin
Keith Glennan VP and CTO Northrop Grumman
Ken Chrisman EVP Wells Fargo
Mike Cook Sr VP and GM Hughes Network Systems
Len Lauer COO Qualcomm
Omer Simeon EVP Countrywide Financial
Phil Edholm CTO and VP Network Architecture Nortel Networks
Robert Fecteau CIO BAE Systems
Scott Griffin VP and CIO Boeing
Shaygan Kheradpir CIO Verizon Communications
Steve Cooper CIO American Red Cross
Vaho Rebassoo CTO, IT Services Boeing

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