Welcome: WINMEC CIO Forum 2005

UCLA-WINMEC and UCLA Anderson School of Management are pleased to welcome you to their second annual forum entitled “Today’s Converging Mobile and Global Enterprise: the WINMEC CIO Forum".

This event will be held at the Covell Commons at UCLA on March 7, 2005. CIOs of Fortune 500 companies have been invited to present their viewpoints on the opportunities and challenges facing them. This one-day event will provide a comprehensive overview of business and technology issues in today’s enterprise. Topics include convergence – its implications, security concerns and benefits, connectivity and access to applications anywhere and anytime, navigating today’s real-time economy, managing a global workforce , enterprise content management, emerging technologies, DRM, balancing homeland security with corporate goals, mobile computing, 802.11 and other 802.x standards and intelligence in services.

Who Should Attend:

  • Senior business and IT executives
  • Professionals managing technology, mobility, and security
  • Marketing, sales and consulting professionals
  • Placement and recruitment professionals
  • Analysts, venture capitalists and high tech legal experts
  • Academicians and researchers

Why Attend:

  • To obtain first-hand CIOs viewpoints on key industry trends likely to affect the global economy and your business
  • Learn how other companies are using technologies for strategic advantage
  • Share and learn about new/enhanced products, services and business models


  • Implications of convergence for the CIO
  • Security issues with the convergence of wireless and wired networks
  • Benefits and challenges from converged voice/data networks
  • Strategies for integrating new voice technologies with legacy voice networks
  • Managing converged mobile devices – cell phones, PDAs, laptops
  • Emerging Information Technologies for the coming decade and their convergence with enterprise business functions - Storage Networks, RFID, Wireless, Multimedia, VoIP
  • Content Management and Digital Rights Management
  • Convergence of enterprise and consumer functions of I.T.
  • Strategy - aligning IT strategy with the company's Business Strategy
  • Managing, leveraging and communicating the realities of technology and its impact on the bottom line
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Managing today's Global I.T. functions
  • Industry Vertical IT Needs
  • Business Continuity
  • I.P. Convergence